Keep Your House Safe
As you know, it is unsafe and inconvenient for the children, the seniors or the disabled to open the door for strangers. While this system provides a solution for you. The person in the house can know who is at the door and open the door remotely(use remote controller or unlock button) without going to door to check. With the RFID function, you can open the door via keyfobs from outside and is optional additional function.

If you want more advanced and added security feature than we have the intercom system for you which record the picture of the visitor with Date and Time of the visit of the visitor.

New IP intercom provide more effective and safe feature that you can see remotely from any where in the world how is in front of your door and you can talk to the visitor and instruct him/her. With this it becomes more safe as no one will know this thing that you are at home or at your work. You can connect upto 8 Mobile devices to one system and have mobile app for Iphone and Andriod Phones.

Freatures of intercom's installed by Speedy Security installers

7" Colour LCD display.

720p HD Outdoor Camera.

Option to unlock from Unlock Button.

See visitor from inside.

Two-way speech system.

Self Viewing facility(if you need to see outside you can see any time by pressing one button)

4 wire connection.

Optional Door release function - additional electronic lock required

Weather & Vandal resistant door station with night Vision

Slim and compact design

Intercom's installed by Speedy Security's

Doss Intercom

Dahua Intercom Specially IP Intercom

Haakili intercom

iView Intercom

Dorani intercom

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