The Auslogis an Australian Made logarithmic digital TV antenna ideal for use anywhere in Australia. The AusLog is manufactured in Mt Eliza, Melbourne from high quality Australian and imported components. We tested almost every antenna on the market and this antenna had one of the highest power and quality levels. We highly recommend this antenna for most areas – please call to get advice in which antenna will suit your address or location. Highly recommended on the Channel 7 News 2011. The log antennas are now Australia’s most popular high gain digital tv antenna, thanks to its high performance design based on a simple mathematical formula. This Australian Made antenna would have to be the most popular digital TV antenna in Melbourne. Be careful of cheaper overseas models made from inferior products not designed for the Australian conditions. Contact points have been silicon sprayed to withstand corrosion and the harsh Australian environment. offer the best range of antennas that are ideal for Australian conditions.

The AusLog is designed for the harsh Australian environment and are made from high quality aluminium alloy with added rust inhibitor. Auslog peroidic log antennas will last much longer than the standard conventional yagi type. It comes with a 3 year warranty. We highly recommend customers to support the Australian work force and support the Australian Made AusLog digital TV antenna. It does not contain any plastic supports which can break with time nor does it contain joining screws which can rust or heavy long elements for birds to break when they land on. The thin alloy rods are mechanically forced into the shaft to literally make the antenna unbreakable

What is involved in the Installation Process?

The first step is to contact the us any day of the week, to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote. Once you are happy, we can book in your antenna installation and arrange a date and time to carry out the work that suits you. Our qualified technician will visit you and assess your specific requirements, answer any questions you may have and then complete the antenna installation.

Speedy TV Antennas Installation